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Bianca Dovarro is a 2nd generation Cuban American actor and producer. She graduated Magna Cum Laude at Columbia College Chicago, and had the unique opportunity to study abroad in London, England. There, she attended Rose Bruford College and further honed her skills in acting.


Having graduated college just before the pandemic, she was dropped into a very interesting space to say the least. Nevertheless, Bianca embarked on a monthly film project at the beginning of 2020 called Project 321; where she brought together other creatives to join her in writing, directing and editing one short film every month. 


Following this one-year project, Bianca landed her first production coordinator job on a short film called Free Machine which aired on Hulu's Your Attention Please and currently, she is producing and managing short films/ads with Off-Site Works.  


Bianca continues to produce her own work with her partner Christopher Rohrbeck; creating their very own production company called Pocketlint Pictures. Since Project 321, they have completed various short films like The Voice Said Joan, now in the festival circuit, Guh Guh Ghost, Vestige, and currently have a feature in the early stages of development. 



Bianca Dovarro

Tel:     562.712.1046


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