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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Bianca was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, while also enjoying a beautiful childhood in her Cuban American household. Not only did Bianca learn how to make an excellent cafecito at age five, but she also fell in love with the arts and partook in every school play and speech contest. It became clear that she would continue developing her craft in college and pursue her passion for acting. 


Bianca graduated Magna Cum Laude at Columbia College Chicago, and even had the unique opportunity to study abroad in London, England. There, she attended Rose Bruford College and further honed her skills in acting. Having come home with an incredible experience abroad, Bianca felt ready to start her career in show business. 


Since graduating in May of 2019, Bianca has been collaborating with her peers on various film projects, beginning with "Sol" an 8mm film project. From there, she began a film series called "Project 321" where fellow artists produce one short film a month. Bianca is passionate about supporting others and creating an impactful body of work.


Her goal as an actress is to cultivate a character's inner life by exploring what moves a character to action and dissecting a piece with the intension of creating an honest and authentic individual. As a producer, she is in tune with the actor's perspective and leads character driven productions. Above all, Bianca's empathy shines through her work as it does in her personal life.  



Bianca Dovarro

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